Free Spy Phone: A Blessing or an Annoyance?

Spy phone software is a kind of software that can be directly downloaded in to any cell phone. One main advantage of the spy phone software is that when it is downloaded into a cell phone, it cannot be detected easily by the cell phone user.
Free spy phone software instantly set in motion and starts to record the ongoing activity of that cell phone. For example, if the cell phone user is sending an SMS to somebody, the message gets recorded on some internet account at the same time.


Earlier one used to only record outgoing text messages with the help of the spy phones. However, the latest modern technology allows the software record and monitors all types of outgoing and incoming messages and emails. The software also allows listening to the live phone conversation secretly.
One can even track someone by just downloading the free spy phone software into that person’s cell phone. This is a real blessing in disguise for people who want to check on their spouses and know if they are cheating on them.
However, it is your cell phone you suspect that is being tapped, read the following for knowing the indicators of the presence of spy phone software in your cell phone:
o If you notice a frequent and unusual drain of battery of your cell phone,
o Increased bill due to more number of SMSs that you have not sent,
o You get some disturbance even when you are speaking from inside of your home or office,
o Your phone LEDs light up even if you do not receive any phone call or an SMS, etc.
If you have noticed above mentioned changes in your cell phone, contact your service provider to check your cell phone for the spy phone software and remove it.

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